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It's kinda a love story.

How it all began...

People often ask: "How long have you been working together?"  
The answer: A long time.

We met at the Massachusetts of College of Art and Design in 1992. We were a couple of artsy kids that loved film, photography, and comics. Often helping each other on our degree projects, we began a collaboration that continues to this day.

We got married in 1998, but have been a team since we met. Robbins Studios is who we are, both as artists and people. We love each other and what we do. We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue so many creative outlets. Being able to work on a variety of projects keeps us striving and growing.  
We strive not only to provide a variety of services, but to bring art and happiness into people's lives. Life doesn't get much better than this.  
-Benn and Liz​​
I'm a description


since 1998
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